Current Weather for Duurstede-by-the-Bay

Last update (Updated every 5 minutes): 23 Mar 2017 10:03
Latitude: 44° 37' 7"N - Longitude: 80° 54' 16"W - Altitude: 193.0 metres

February was... Warmer than average (-0.9°C versus an average of -8.5) Wetter than average (75.60 mm versus an average total of 26.53) Calmer than average (a wind run of 6903 km versus an average of 7562)

(Figures in parentheses indicate hourly change)

Current Temp: -1.8 °C (2.9)

High Temperature Today: -1.8 °C at 10:02

Low Temperature Today: -9.2 °C at 02:15

Current Humidex: -5.5 °C (3.1)

High Humidex Today: -5.5 °C at 10:00

Current Windchill: -4.3 °C (3.4)

Current UV: 1.7

High UV Today: 1.7

Current Barometer: 1038.9 hPa (-0.1)

High Wind Speed Today: 16 km/h at 09:04

Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/h (0.0)

Today's Rain: 0.0 mm

Rain This Month: 20.8 mm

Number Of Sunshine Hours Today: 1.23

Sunset Today: 19:40

Sunrise Tomorrow: 07:18

Possible Sunshine-hours Tomorrow: 12:22

Of interest to Owen Sound sailors...

Current Wind Direction: 229 degrees

10-minute Average Wind Speed: 6 km/h (0) km/h

10-minute Average Wind Gusts: 11 km/h (-2) km/h

Average Wind Direction Over Past Hour: 227 degrees

High Wind Speed Direction Today: 198 degrees

High Wind Speed Today: 16 km/h at 09:04

Wind Run Over Past Hour: 6.71 kms of wind

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Daily rain graph Rain rate graph Dew point graph Cloud base graph Wind direction graph U.V. graph
Webcam 640 image

This station is located at our home (Duurstede-by-the-Bay) in the Hibou Conservation Area on Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. We are one kilometre north of the Owen Sound city limits. The Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station anemometer is 15 metres above ground level. The cam points north up the sound. For reference during inclement weather the flagpole is 25 metres, the road is 60 metres, the water's edge is 100 metres and the point of land in the distance (Pyette's Point) is 13 kms away.

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